México Lindo y *****

México Lindo y *****
Brand Identity and collaterals. CDMX 2023


México Lindo y **** is a brand that celebrates the cultural richness, diversity and beauty of the country, through strong messages and seeking to make people think.

Typography: The "Impact Nieuw Silverline" typography is used as the main element of the logo and brand identity. Its bold, modern style evokes a sense of strength and vitality, while its linear shape represents the idea of a border.

The monogram used in the identity is inspired by the shape of the map of Mexico, also with patterns found in the architecture of pre-Hispanic Mexico. These patterns, inspired by Aztec and Mayan Greetings, provide a deep connection with the history and cultural heritage of the country. The monogram becomes a symbol of unique identity, rooted in tradition but also looking to the future.

This same element is used to form totems that, along with other messages, are part of the graphic identity of Mexico Lindo and *****

More about the project soon.


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México Lindo y *****México Lindo y *****México Lindo y *****México Lindo y *****México Lindo y *****México Lindo y *****México Lindo y *****México Lindo y *****México Lindo y *****México Lindo y *****México Lindo y *****México Lindo y *****México Lindo y *****