ShortCup WFF / 17′

ShortCup World Film Festival is a little competitive short films festival happening simultaneously in 4 countries where the winners are decided by the attendees vote. It takes places in a very analogue way in bars and cafés simulating a sport competition. ShortCup comes from the idea of ​​being in a cozy place where you can enjoy a beer, wine, coffee, etc. while selected short films from all over the world are projected. A space to socialize and talk about film.

This year was the first time Dum Dum got involved with them. We set out to develop a visual identity that could translate the “simultaneousness” of the festival by paper-cutting the shapes of the countries and overlapping them in different colors. The result is a mix of strong and playful typography with heavy tones representatives of the countries.

We brought ShortCup WFF
for the first time to
México. The office took
charge planning the event
as well as all the

The colored-layers created
playful forms that served
as background. Brasil,
Chile, Colombia and of
course… México.

Client: ShortCup WFF
Art Direction: Dum Dum—Design Office
Art Work: Dum Dum—Design Office
Photography: Esto Es Para Esto