Hey Objeto


Hey Objeto is a new shop that functions as a platform for objects made by mexican artists/designers. The selected products are functional and ornamental, and are mainly for thought to be used at home. We developed a visual identity that bases its communication in a cultural lifestyle; in a way we were aiming to create relationships for future collaborations. Finally we set out the personality to be inspired by the architecture of Luis Barragán and to reflect an accesible, collaborative, contemporary and mostly, mexican side.

The contemporary as the main
premise in the visual elements.
Avoid superfluous decorations,
but send clear messages. Honesty
in communication and aesthetics.

The interaction between forms
is play, creativity and community.
The geometries and colors abstracted
from Luis Barragán’s architecture
are the roots of the identity, they
generate dynamism and versatility.

Client: Hey Objeto
Art Direction: Dum Dum—Design Office
Art Work: Dum Dum—Design Office
Photography: Dum Dum—Design Office
Naming: Dum Dum—Design Office