Civilización 001

Civilización is a community driven by creativity aiming to change the way creatives get involved with their city. In collaboration with Conarte, we presented our first activity; “Hablar Sobre Creatividad También Es Un Acto Creativo” — an open space for dialogue between 5 creative leaders to share how their work has benefited the city of Monterrey. Additionally, each leader spoke on their vision for the creative industry, what actions the community may take to bring it to fruition, and allowed attendees of the event to ask questions and share reflections.

As part of the speakers, we feel very honored to have had Oscar Estrada, award-winning graphic designer from Monterrey and founder of studio Epigrafa; Indira Kempis, urban provocateur; Felipe Montes, epic researcher and narrator of his hometown Monterrey; Gabriel Contreras, creativity-driver in different facets, such as journalism, politics, and theater; and Christian Vivanco, industrial designer with an anthropologic approach to his practice.

We took charge in designing the
visual identity, communication,
invitations, posters, logistics
and full online-campaign of
the event.

It was truly an honor to have
some of our design heroes as
part of the panel. The dialogue
these guys shared was a great
way to inaugurate Civilización.

Client: Personal Project
Concept: Dum Dum—Design Office
Visual Identity / Communication: Dum Dum—Design Office
Sporting Grotesque Typeface: Velvetyne Type Foundry
Photography: Ciento8 / Dum Dum—Design Office
Collaborators: Conarte, Toma Vino Mexicano, Life’s Too Short