Over time, we’ve noticed a flaw in Monterrey’s creative community. Communication between creatives is minimal – typically involving ego. With that in mind, Dum Dum created Civilización, a platform that aims to take our masks off, become allies, and start thinking of solutions beyond our four walls. We believe creativity is about solving problems. Civilización aims to induce these processes to the masses and involve the public in order to reach more progressive ideas.

Through activities, workshops, talks and initiatives, we plan to force spaces to join efforts. With the common goal of inspiring creatives to reshape our immediate environment, Dum Dum believes new ideas will come from the collaboration.

For the direction of the visual identity, Dum Dum wanted to delve deeper into the essence of the community. Combining both serif and grotesque type, we achieve a reflection of the mix of different views. Additionally, we developed a custom typeface for the logotype based on basic geometric shapes and 0˚, 45˚ and 90˚ angles.

Client: Personal Project
Concept: Dum Dum—Design Office
Visual Identity: Dum Dum—Design Office
Partner: Life’s Too Short