Alximia is a new natural ancient cosmetics brand from Tulúm, Q. Roo, México. It is inspired by the moon, divine occultism, magic and alchemy; using materials of national origin, their mixes pay tribute to the wealth of the lunar phases and seeks to reconnect women with her personality.

They reached the office with the opportunity to develop the visual identity as well as packaging for their products. Since the brand is directed to women, we selected feminine tones to be incoportated across the identity… all with a good use of black. The identity was created under the premises of darkness, nature and minimal aesthetics.

Our moodboard consisted
of old illustrations, moon
diagrams and renaissance.

Among the printed matter we
designed are the business
cards, invoice letter,
post-cards and a brochure.

We created illustrations
with a raw and organic
feel for the first two lines of
1) The 4 elements
2) The 4 moon phases

Client: Alximia
Art Direction: Dum Dum—Design Office
Art Work: Dum Dum—Design Office
Photography: Dum Dum—Design Office