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Behance Reviews Monterrey #11 @ The Nada Café

The Nada Café was again the place, this time we were (they should know better) invited as one of the speakers for Behance Reviews’ 11th Edition in Monterrey. Our good friend Netoplasma was the honorable host and started the evening talking about his studio The Hungry Design Co and the importance of having a good portfolio. Then it was the turn for the first speakers, the good boys from Panama Studio showed their impressive work plus a couple of stories behing their studio. After a few speakers, Dum Dum was up! We were in charge of closing the event, which came with lots of expectations.

We got up there with beers in our sweaty hands and talked about Dennis Rodman, Iggy Pop, being experimental and the implications of having your own studio. We were judged by our longtime friend Ricardo Ojeda from Super Agency, our new friend Erick from Basic Studio and by Monterrey’s finest Gerardo Ortiz from Brands&People. Thanks to all of them, for showing support and love to our design approach.

Thanks to Priscila from Behance, The Nada Café, and all the people that came to have fun with us!
We are very happy and excited!

—Sergio & Mario.

ShortCup World Film Festival 2017!

This year we decided to collaborate with ShortCup World Film Festival. It was the IV edition and received more than 300 short films over the world. The festival consisted in 40 short films, previously selected by the jury facing each other in 8 different groups, leaving only one winner per group to then face the final and decide the champion of this year.

The Nada Café, was the host of Monterrey edition, receiving more than 200 people for a night of beers and short films. From the secret life of an Argentinian housekeeper (Martita – Arg), a cafeteria with a cannibal inheritance (Legado – Esp), a puzzle to be solved by the student (Etude de Cas – Fr). The winner was Braquage Sérénade, made by director Guillaume De Ginestel from France; a bank robber has fallen madly in love with one cashiers working at a bank he robbed. Decides to kidnap her to declare his feelings.

We have also invited Esto es para Esto, they selected a bunch of local short films for us to screen at the beginning of each day and Monterrey-beloved Videodromo help with all the tech stuff. We want to thank a lot for the help and the beers. Also thanks to The Nada Café, for being such a wonderful host and for letting us smoke one night. Was definetely a hard week of work but also a lot of new experiences and friends.

If any of you want to reach out to watch the short films, we’ll be more than happy :).

Check out the full project here.

The Finalists were:
a. Safe Space (Germany)
b. Martita (Argentina)
c. Legado (España)
d. Etude de Cas (France)
e. 20 Chutes (Bulgaria)
f. Las Meninas (Austria)
g. Isto Nao E Um Cachimbo (Brasil)
h. Braquage Sérénade (France)
i. Who’s In The Fridge (Belgium)

– Dominga.


Dum Dum was founded in early 2015 with ground experience in both design and marketing agencies. Since then we’ve been helping entrepreneurs create powerful brands in a fun and special way. Learning from them the hassle of being a small business. The year 2017 comes and we are receiving it with our new face that involves a new website and visual identity. The truth is we’ve learnt a lot this past two years, we now aim to make incredible brands thought as breathing systems; we want to create complete dynamic brands that are able to adapt to the market and transform into full experiences.

The office also started an online shop called Bunch Assembly. The name comes from the idea of collaborating with designers, artists and craftmen to create a product visualized and made in conjunction. The shop is really a way for us to expand our habilities and continue to produce design work we like to experiment on. The first two publications are 50 x 70 cms prints reflecting on things we’ve collected over the past two years. Be sure to check it out!

The approach has always been ‘have fun with it’ and will continue that road. Some peers have called us “irreverent”, some call us “experimental”, some say we take our references from 50’s jazz cover arts… don’t know about any of that terms but we sure like to evolve, differentiate ourselves and create fearless messages.

We are looking for new friends, so drop us an e-mail and we’ll be happy to respond you… and we hope you like our website.

Wait to hear a lot from us!

—Sergio & Mario.